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Our Team

Almacom ( Thailand ) Ltd. specializes in the installation, customization and implementation of the open source ERP system called odoo(OpenERP). The following processes and scope of activities are followed:

  • Analysis of customer needs (draft specifications) and existing system, processes, and functional needs

  • Analysis of internal and external information and work flows

  • Writing and validation of functional specifications

  • Writing and validation of technical specifications

  • Realization of the system modelRealization of the system model

  • Configuration

  • Specific developments i.e. synchonization with legacy, on-line trading

  • Project communication

  • Support of users on each phase of the project

  • Data Migration

  • Main users training

  • Support and maintenance


    Almacom ( Thailand ) Ltd. specializes in the installation, customization, implementation and Training 

    Specific Application is also available for various industries

    • Customization

    • Implementation

    • Training

    • Application Solution


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    WHY odoo(OpenERP)


    Average cost for the implementation of an open source ERP system

    • No License fee

    • Only service and implementation fee

    People like it

    odoo(OpenERP) is smart, beautiful and easy to use. With the web client and it's rich application interface, each user will find his preferred way of using  odoo(OpenERP) .

    Fast implementation process

    Due to his extreme flexibility and simplicity,  odoo(OpenERP)  is the fastest ERP to implement on the market. This will guarantee fast customer's integration cycle. Check our report designer, view designer, dynamic work flows, object database, good training material, easy import of complex data, etc…

    Extremely complete

    With his 200 open source modules,  odoo(OpenERP)  has the biggest functional covering on the market. Some are vertical adaptations, others are horizontal extra features.

    Easy to maintain and upgrade

    In  odoo(OpenERP) , all migrations and upgrades are fully automated. With the module system you can install new features on a running environment.

    Easy to integrate

    Outlook and excel interfaces, customer portal, integrated business intelligence, integrated workflow, powerful report designer, dashboards for every user, end-user report designer, integrated documentation, easy to install new modules, etc…

    The most used in the world

    With more than 7000 downloads per week

    odoo(OpenERP) spreads quickly

    Due to his open source policy,  odoo(OpenERP)  is the only ERP distributed through main Linux distributions: Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo, Redhat.